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THE OTHER CHELSEA - A story from Donetsk

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THE OTHER CHELSEA wins Grimme award 2012!

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"The Other Chelsea" – World Premiere 19.11.2010 in Amsterdam

"The Other Chelsea" – a story from Donetsk" will have its World Premiere on Friday 19th of November at 21.00h in Amsterdam at the old Tuchinsky Movie Theatre.

The premiere will be part of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). "The other Chelsea" was selected for the competition "First Appearance" and will compete with 15 other films in this section.

Repetitions: Saturday, 20.11., Monday 22.11. and Friday 26.11.

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"The other Chelsea" receives financial and creative support from the Sundance Documentary Fund.
Out of 325 applications it was one of  16 chosen.

The Other Chelsea (Jakob Preuss, Germany)
Alexei and Nikolai, two middle-aged Ukrainian miners are trying to keep pace with the political and economical changes in their home country. Discordant worlds, soviet culture and oligarch capitalism come together in their favourite place: the football stadium. A serious and humorous approach to post-soviet reality.

The Other Chelsea pitched at DocBarcelona together with co-producer Stefan Kloos (

12.7.07 ZDF Documentary Channel shows „ The Unburied War – Srebrenica Ten Years Later“ marking 12 years since the Srebrenica Genocide
" The unburied war-Srebrenica 10 years later"

3.7.07 Stipend by the Robert Bosch Foundation for the realisation of the Documentary Film Project “The Other Chelsea – FC Shakhtar Donetsk: Ukraine’s Coalminers’ Club goes global””

12.6.07 Nominated for the “Bayerische Rundfunk Award 2007” with the proposal “The Other Chelsea – FC Shakhtar Donetsk: Ukraine’s Coalminers’ Club goes global”

In den letzten 50 Jahren haben die treuen Fans des 1.FC Shakhtar Donetsk, dem Traditionsverein aus der ostukrainischen Kohle- und Stahlhauptstadt, schon viel erlebt. Auf- und ab während Sowjetzeiten, den nur knapp abgewendeten Bankrott des Vereins nach der Wende, ein erfolgreiches Bombenattentat auf den Vereinspräsidenten während eines Spiels und den Sieg der Meisterschaft und daraus folgende Championsleague-Teilnahmen.Der Film erzählt aus der Sicht zweier ehemaliger Kohlekumpel und langjähriger Shakhtar-Fans sowohl den schwindelerregenden Aufstieg des Vereins, als auch stellvertretend den beschaulichen und ärmlichen Alltag zweier Fans.

3.3.07 on ZDF - Dokukanal: "Torn Iran - young people´s world in the Islamic Republic"

Film idea Berlin - Bishkek
start teaser

On ZDF - Dokukanal
(Public German TV Documentary-Channel)
" The unburied war-Srebrenica 10 years later"

25.11. / 20.00, 26.11. / 00.30, 27.11.06 / 15.00

27.9.06 Press reactions to "Headscarf, Jeans and Internet - Young people in Iran"

Frankfurter Allgemeine 27.9.06
Die Tageszeitung 27.9.06
Berliner Zeitung 27.9.06
Deutsche Presse Agentur 26.9.06

28.9., 22:15 h "Headscarf, Jeans and Internet - Young people in Iran", on Phoenix information and documantary chanel.

This shortened version of
"Torn Iran - young people´s world in the Islamic Republic" with updated commentary was first broadcast by ORF 2 Austrian Television and will be shown on Phoenix up to six times from September until the end of the year.

4.7.06 Nominated for the Documentary Film Prize of BR Bavarian Public Service Television for the Exposé Berlin-Bishkek.

It's the story of father and son, who, like many of their fellow Kyrgyz, decide to drive a decades-old Audi the 8000-kilometer route from Berlin to Bishkek on order to earn a few hundred dollars. Their trip takes them through six countries, dramatic valleys and vast landscapes, along the Aral sea and past Russia's Baikonur spaceport into Kyrgyzstan's picturesque mountains. The trip through several former Soviet Union states resounds with poetry and humour, as father and son travel through one of the most remote Eastern regions on Europe's brink to Asia. This film is a portrait of people and societies at the crossroads, and the emergence of a new trading- or "Audi"- route from Europe to Central Asia. Here, German cars drive at break-neck speeds along Kyrgyz mountain roads, still carrying the bumper stickers of their former owners lying the driver behind in the face with the announcement: "I brake for animals"...


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